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Action Waste Services
Action Waste Services


Action Waste Services is a family owned and operated company founded by Daniel Lawson Sr. and Daniel Lawson II. Daniel Sr. started out in garbage business as a teenager working as a helper on a truck as an after school job. 

In the late 70's Daniel Sr. moved to Florida to join his brothers who were operating their own garbage company in Miami. Since then Mr. Lawson has owned and operated multiple waste services companies in Miami-Dade county. 

Growing up young Daniel  Lawson II was fascinated by everything having to do with the waste management business. After his first ride in a garbage truck as a little boy he decided that this was the business for him. Daniel Lawson II later went on to attend UCF and graduate with a bachelor's degree in Business Management & Administration. 

​It was a few years after Daniel's graduating from college that father and son began to sit together and form ideas of what the future could hold. It was then that Daniel Lawson Sr. and Daniel Lawson II decided to form Action Waste Services.  The name was chosen because Mr. Lawson felt there were so many excuses given to customers by other garbage companies, that he wanted to be different by offering something different; Action. Belief in the motto of "Action, Not Excuses" is what has been the driving force behind the success of father and son. 

Since those very first days working on the truck as a teenager to now,  Mr. Lawson has used his knowledge of the garbage business, strong work ethic and drive to build what is today Action Waste Services.

About Us


All Business large and small have waste that needs to be collected. Here at Action Waste we don't simply just "collect" your waste, but we provide you with outstanding service. From our drivers on the street to the receptionists at our office we strive to make every interaction a pleasurable one where only Action is given, not excuses. 

At Action Waste we provide state of the art Recycling Solutions for companies big and small. Concerned about the Environment? Never thought your business would be able to participate in recycling?  Call us today and see how our innovative approach can help not only to save you money, but will also help save the earth too! 

Our representatives have been thoroughly trained to craft an individualized waste management plan for your company. The innovative approach that we put in practice at Action Waste allows us to see outside of the box  and provide more than just typlical solutions. 

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Action Waste Services - Garbage and Recycling Services Miami-Dade.
Success Stories


"Action Waste has provided me with the best service I've ever had in the 36 years my business has been open.

Maria Gonzalez

"I will never use any other garbage company again. The people at Action waste give me outstanding service. I choose Action, not Excuses. 

“Action Waste is a reliable and professional garbage service company.”

Jorge Fernandez

Philip Cruz



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